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Why Choose Us

Our Unique Use of Technology and Hands-on Approach Makes ALL the Difference.

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We have developed a unique 8 step process complemented by a home care support system so that nothing is missed in getting you well.

To get a nerve to respond to treatment you must affect it across many different planes: neurological, biological, systemic, muscular and functional. We use 5 types of technologies and specific nutrients; all necessary to heal both the nerves and the environment that influences the function of the nerves across all planes.Enter your text here…

Our unique treatment is designed for patients seeking non invasive procedures, immediate relief and long-lasting results without the complications of traditional surgery, harmful medications and weak ineffective laser treatments.

Our dedicated team is comprised of highly skilled doctors, health practitioners and professional support staff who pride themselves on delivering exceptional treatment and quality care to our patients. Our patients are special and unique and our treatment and care is tailored to their individual needs.

Includes comprehensive nutritional support and the required equipment needed to put your future in your hands and empower you both during and after treatment and training.

We provide immediate and long term sustainable results using state-of-the-art equipment and a protocol that has proven successful with even the most complicated cases. Our unique method enables your nerves and their environment to repair themselves naturally so you may enjoy a pain free life.

If you have been to other doctors and experienced laser therapy you may wonder how our treatment is different. First and foremost, the laser is very important and must penetrate deep enough into the skin to make a difference. With our lasers you will feel the power! But the secret to our success is a comprehensive process of multiple technologies and therapies that when combined restore your body’s own natural healing abilities.

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