Neuropathy Specialist Near Me

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Doctors Who Specialize in Peripheral Neuropathy 

Are you looking for a ‘neuropathy center near me?’ Finding a neuropathy specialist that’s close to home is crucial if you’re experiencing issues related to peripheral neuropathy. Our focus on pain means we have patients who don’t enjoy long journeys to see a specialist. If you have neuropathy, you know how painful a long car ride can be. Fortunately, our clinic is located conveniently close to Katy Freeway.

We offer appointments throughout the day, and our team is happy to accommodate your schedule. As nerve and pain specialists, we have a deep understanding of how to accommodate your needs and make you comfortable.

So, if you’ve been searching for the right ‘neuropathy specialists near me,’ you’ve found us. Get in touch with our team at Advanced Nerve and Health Center in Houston. Or, if you’re closer to Dallas, book an appointment with our Dallas office, where you’ll get the same prized treatment options that we deliver in Houston. 


Dr. Bao Thai Texas Nerve Specialist

Dr. Bao Thai is the founder of Houston’s Advanced Nerve and Health Center. Various news channels and publications feature him for his unique approach to treating complex nerve pain. He is also the creator of the proprietary system that Advanced Nerve and Health Center uses to help you eliminate inescapable nerve pain instead of masking it. 

If you’re interested in seeing some of the leading media coverage about Dr. Bao Thai and hear about his cutting-edge techniques, head to the ‘Media’ section of our website. Our unique 8-Step approach to fighting complicated nerve pain gains extensive national attention for its unrivaled results.  

If you’re interested in visiting us, make an appointment at our Houston office via our online consultation portal. Alternatively, you may contact our office by telephone to schedule a visit to one of our clinics. If you’re looking for Houston or Dallas neuropathy solutions that offer a natural alternative to invasive treatments, get in touch with us today. We want to help you end your pain!

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