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Neuropathy Doctors in Houston

If you’re in search of neuropathy treatment in Houston, choosing the right doctor will dictate your quality of care. At Advanced Nerve and Health Center, we work with patients in Dallas and Houston to provide the state’s best neuropathy care. Our team of highly trained specialists has extensive experience across a broad range of neurology niches. 

Neuropathy is a nerve-related condition that typically arises after you experience nerve damage. In many instances, this nerve damage may be the result of diabetes, but there are a variety of other reasons that someone may suffer nerve damage that leads to neuropathy.

Unfortunately, this damage often creates a chronic issue whereby many sufferers feel constant numbness in different areas of their extremities. And numbness is the only problem that results from neuropathy; patients also might begin to experience sharp pains and other adverse side effects. 

Our Houston neuropathy clinic connects patients with a unique approach to combating neuropathy. We have a deep understanding of the disease and its impact on your life. Our team worked diligently to develop a comprehensive approach to reducing the effects of neuropathy, and we’ve helped countless Houston patients improve their quality of life. 


Nerve Pain Doctors in Houston

If the purpose of your visit to a doctor is related to pain, Advanced Nerve and Health Center will be a breath of fresh air. Many of our clients reach out to us because of a lack of success with other pain-relief methods. Our unique approach to combating neuropathy offers you an alternative solution that makes a difference in your life. 

But neuropathy isn’t the only thing we treat. We also work with patients who suffer from a wide variety of pain sources. If you have chronic pain, knee pain, disc herniation, carpel-tunnel syndrome, or another type of pain, our clinic can help you restore your quality of life. 

Our Nerve Treatment in Houston

So, what makes Advanced Nerve and Health Center different from its competitors? Well, we don’t follow the same approach as traditional doctors. Instead, we look at a full lifestyle treatment that helps prevent pain from all angles. Instead of offering you medication and sending off to be “as good as possible,” we work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to eliminate the source of your pain. 

Instead of employing surgeries or chemical-based drug treatments, Advanced Nerve and Health Center aims to regrow your damaged nerves and reduce the impact of your original nerve damage. 

We’ve developed a nutrition-based approach that combines with effective laser technology. By promoting the growth of specific proteins, we change your internal environment to help you regrow nerve endings and reduce or eliminate your current pain levels. 

Unlike other treatments that manage your pain and mask its effects, we attack the core root of the problem – the nerve damage itself. By reversing nerve damage, we can reverse the initial cause of your pain. 

Our clinic’s method not only helps you avoid issues stemming from your pain, but it removes the risk of side effects from other forms of treatment. Surgeries are decidedly invasive, expensive, and time-consuming; they may impact your ability to lead a healthy life. What’s more, there’s no guarantee that surgery will improve your condition. 

Similarly, painkillers have serious side effects that impact your cognitive function and ability to work. And many painkillers can create dependency issues that can spiral into much more severe obstacles. As you may know, the country’s opioid crisis is a burgeoning health crisis. 

If you want additional information about the process we use to reduce your pain, peruse some of the other resources on our website. We offer extensive information about our methodology and its proven track record for success. We’re also happy to provide verified testimonials from former clients who experienced long-awaited pain relief with our program.

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