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What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid, one of many from the hemp plant. It is one of your main cannabinoids of the two main cannabinoids that you find. A cannabinoid is your active compounds. So, when some people hear “CBD,” then may also think “THC.” THC is like your psychoactive compound that you would find generally in medical marijuana, maybe in a dispensary, or recreational.

CBD is the non-psychoactive plant compound that is prevalent in the hemp plant. Hemp plants are going to be extremely high in CBD and incredibly low in THC. Your medical marijuana is going to be extremely high in THC and extremely low in CBD generally. Hemp plants are mainly about 40% cannabinoids when you extract them, so CBD is going to be your main cannabinoid. It is safe for all age groups. It is a non-psychoactive form. Dr. Bao Thai, D.C.  NeuroCream CBD ointment is sourced from hemp and grown in the United States.

What is our process for making Dr. Thai’s NeuroCream CBD?

Right now, the plants are grown and either Colorado or Kentucky. They are grown to fruition, grown up to flower and then they are taken to harvest and then through an extraction facility. We use a carbon dioxide to extract the product. Basically, large amounts of the harvest are put into a stainless-steel vat and then we blast carbon dioxide gas through it. This process brings the product down to sub critical temperatures, way below freezing, and starts separating out the plant
waxes and cannabinoids. The terpenes are then extracted, which are the essential oils (basically, the smells). By the end of this process, the compounds are all separated. compounds are separated. And now the plant is basically a crude oil, which is around 20% CBD rich oil. After the next process of distillation, we produce a 60% pure, raw material. After even further refinement with a crystalline isolate, we get to 99.9% pure crystal. So, by this point, there is really nothing left in there other than CBD So, it is really just like any pure pharmaceutical that you would work with in the compound pharmacy. The CBD is refined to a level to where we can form any type of product (cream, tinctures, gummies, etc) at any preferred milligram because we have the CBD in pure form.

How can CBD help me?

The main uses of CBD are pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and as a sleep aid. CBD stimulates the regulatory system in our body called the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system regulates a lot of processes like our body temperature, our pH, and it helps regulate your

We are noticing that after about 3 days of consistent usage of CBD, that’s when you can notice the system is activated. So, that also means that if you are not taking CBD consistently, you’re not going to get the consistent benefits.

Is CBD addictive?

No. The World Health Organization has said there is not an addiction potential to CBD. It does not affect your dopamine receptors and the pleasure centers. It is not going to affect your opioid receptors in a negative way. There is no physical addiction potential with it. How is CBD regulated?
The Texas Department of Health is just now taking over the regulation on CBD. They will be be regulating CBD retailers and products. We do hope for strict regulation because for far too long there have been imposters out there selling a product that is not truly beneficial.

Everything must be third-party tested. You must have all your certificates of analysis. You must show where you got the product and how it was grown. You must have your lot numbers for product. When you manufacture it, you must send that off to third-party testing as well. It must
have the QR code on the label that links back to the current test that you just had for that lot. So, there’s full traceability there.

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